Shibe Park Media Group established in 2012, is an umbrella organization that oversees Naomi Needs to Eat Music Group, Shibe Park Films, SideBar Designs and Kil889 Photography. Shibe Park Media Group takes pride in providing artists with the creative soundscapes, visual designs and the video presence that is necessary to get their voices heard in today's mass media market. And for a quick history lesson, Shibe Park was the home for the Philadelphia Phillies (then the Athletics) from 1909 to 1970 and the Philadelphia Eagles from 1940-1967 and was located at 20th and Lehigh in the heart of North Philadelphia. 

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    "Shibe Park was the home for the Philadelphia Phillies (then the Athletics) from 1909 to 1970"

    The Phillies and Athletics were two different teams. The Athletics played at Shibe 1909-1953, in Kansas City 1954-1967 and in Oakland 1968-date. The Phillies played at Shibe 1938-1970.

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